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How big is the heat expansion of acrylic?

Acrylic expands with increasing temperature. Approx. 0.075 mm / m / K, depending on the supplier. Meaning that a 1 meter acrylic pole will become 1.5 mm longer if the temperature rises 20 degrees C. Lacking knowledge of this is the most frequent error when designing acrylic parts.

The picture to the right show a tolerance that we unfortunately see too often.

For snævre tolerancer for acryl
In most cases this tolerance is too small for acrylic. If the temperature raises 10 degrees C, the item becomes 0.15 mm longer


Calculate the length change by temperature change:
Coefficient [m/m/K] *10-6    
Length (mm):      
Temperature Change (K):   Length Change (mm): 1.50  mm
Note: A hole in a sheet will expand by the same formula. Higher temperatures, larger hole.
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